Career with B.P.Ed

The most popular career path available for candidates after obtaining a BPEd degree is teaching. However, apart from teaching there are also some other career options that candidates can think of taking up in the field of sports and physical fitness. Check out some popular BPEd job profiles below:

  • Teacher/ Instructor/ Coach: A physical education teacher organises games and sports that promote physical activity among students. The goal of a BPEd educator is to develop motor skills, proper exercise and eating habits among students. 
  • Umpire/ Referee: An umpire or a referee presides over a sporting event to help maintain the standard of play. An umpire/ referee detects violations and decides penalties as per the rules of the sport/ game.
  • Sportsman/ Professional Athlete: A professional athlete regularly exercises and practices under the direction of professional trainers or coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition and prepare for competitions. 
  • Gym/ Personal Trainer: Major responsibilities of a gym or personal trainer is to demonstrate exercises and routine to clients. Apart from this, a trainer also assists clients in exercising to minimise injury and ensure proper fitness. A trainer also usually modifies exercises taking in view the clients’ fitness levels.   
  • Sport/ Athletic Trainer: A sport or athletic trainer is a highly skilled healthcare professional who collaborates with physicians to provide services like emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries to players.
  • Commentator: A sports commentator is a professional who gives running commentary of a game or sport in real-time, typically during a live broadcast.  
  • Sports Journalist: A sport journalist reports as well as writes stories on professional sports and games. A sports journalist is also expected to interview coaches and players, report sport statistics, and sometimes offer game commentary. A sports journalist can work for different media platforms including television, print and radio.  
  • Sports Administrator: A sports administrator carries out different administrative activities across an array of functions within sports clubs, fitness centres, sports organisations, etc. A sports administrator typically organises and schedules sports events, manages budgets and oversees the recruitment as well as training of the staff.     
  • Sports Photojournalist: A sports photojournalist/ photographer takes pictures of sporting events, athletes, sports teams, etc. A sports photojournalist can work as a full-time employee for an organisation or work as a freelancer to sell his/ her pictures to newspapers and magazines.   
  • Yoga Trainer: A yoga trainer teaches students the art of yoga to increase their fitness and personal health in both body and mind.
  •  Sport and Leisure Club Manager: A sport or leisure club manager is responsible for day-to-day running of the centres and their facilities. The manager typically recruits and manages staff and controls budgets to ensure smooth running of the centre.   

Note: Some of the job profiles mentioned above may require candidates to obtain additional degrees other than Bachelor of Physical Education. BPEd for some job profiles only works as a foundation course.

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